Acts of Vengeance Crossovers Omnibus HC

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(W) Mark Gruenwald & Various (A) Paul Ryan & Various

The Acts of Vengeance are here, and no hero is left untouched! Witness some of the most unexpected battles of all time! Wolverine vs. Tiger Shark! Dr. Strange vs. Hobgoblin! The Punisher vs. Dr. Doom! Daredevil vs. Ultron! Power Pack vs. Typhoid Mary! And while the Fantastic Four fight against the passing of a Super Hero Registration Act, Psylocke is changed forever at the hands of Mojo! Collecting Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #334-336; WOLVERINE (1988) #19-20; DR. STRANGE, SORCEROR SUPREME (1988) #11-13; INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #363; PUNISHER (1987) #28-29; PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (1988) #12-13; MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT (1989) #8-10; DAREDEVIL (1964) #275-276; POWER PACK (1984) #53; ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #79-80; NEW MUTANTS (1983) #84-86; UNCANNY X-MEN #256-258; X-FACTOR (1986) #49-50; DAMAGE CONTROL (1989) #1-4; and WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #64-65.

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