All-New X-Men ( 2015 ) Vol. 4 : IVX TP


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(W) Dennis Hopeless & Various (A) Mark Bagley & Various
Since the discovery that the Terrigen Mist – the key to unlocking an Inhuman’s hidden potential and powers – is lethal to mutants, the X-Men and Inhumans have been locked in a cold war. But as the Terrigen seeps into the earth and reaches an irreversible tipping point, the X-Men are spurred into action to ensure the future of their species! For Jean Grey, that means taking out the Inhumans’ deadliest weapon: Karnak! But when Cyclops learns the truth behind his adult counterpart’s quest to destroy the Inhumans, there’ll be hell to pay! As the dust settles on the war, the original five X-Men will be reunited once more – but will they walk into their all-new future together or apart? Plus: Date night for Idie, and Dani Moonstar returns! Collecting ALL-NEW X-MEN (2015) #17-19 and ANNUAL #1 and X-MEN PRIME.

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