Avatarex Vol. 1 : Destroyer of Darkness TP


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(W) Grant Morrison (A) Jeevan Kang, Edison George (CA) Jeevan Kang
Ceated and written by legendary icon, Grant Morrison (Batman, All Star Superman, The Invisibles, 18 Days), comes his newest hero, Avatarex.  The epic world of living myth collides with the mundane realities and cultural upheavals of contemporary India. What happens when an all-powerful super-being awakens to fight the Last War of the Age, only to discover he’s been sent too early for the End Days and must somehow learn to exist in a world that’s too small and too frail to survive his presence? How does humanity react to the challenges of such a paragon in our midst? Will Avatarex raise us to his level – or will we drag him down to ours? Can the embodiment of our highest aspirations exist side-by-side with our all-too human failings or will the gulf between what we wish we could be and what we are destroy us?

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