Batman/Superman ( 2020 ) Vol. 2 : World’s Deadliest TP


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(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Various (CA) David Marquez
Artists: Nick Derington, Clayton Henry, Max Raynor, Gleb Melnikov, Dale Eaglesham, And Andrei Bressan. In the aftermath of a deadly duel with the Batman Who Laughs, trouble abounds for the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. From the zombie resurrection of the Bottle City of Kandor, to battling the combined might of General Zod and Ra’s al Ghul, to being turned into living bombs by the Ultra-Humanite, Batman and Superman are in over their heads and need help in their battle against evil. Batman/Superman Vol. 2: World’s Deadliest collects Batman/Superman #7-15 and Batman/Superman Annual #1.

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