Black Panther ( 2023 ) Vol. 1 : Reign at Dusk TP


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(W) Eve L. Ewing (A) Chris Allen (CA) Rahzzah
A king without a crown! Banished from the throne, a fugitive in his own homeland, T’Challa still can’t leave Wakanda without its sworn protector. With a new costume and fresh purpose to match, the Black Panther stalks the streets and shadows of the city that bears his father’s name, Birnin T’Chaka. Some people, though, aren’t happy with the rumors that he’s in town – including the alluring thief called Beisa! Fortunately, some new allies and familiar faces will remind T’Challa that outcast or no, the Black Panther is never completely alone! But can even a warrior as brilliant and brave as T’Challa survive an encounter with Deathlok? Who is the Gray Wolf who curses Wakanda? And what can one man do when strife between the ruling crime families threatens to escalate into a full-fledged gang war? Collecting BLACK PANTHER (2023) #1-5.

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