Crimson #4


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Writer & Artist: Alastair Brauns

South African comic. New things unravel in Haven City, a modern city with old secrets. The immortal, mystical D’Artua flower has been located by the Issengrem, a secretive covert group. After centuries of searching, masquerading as a tech corporate called Cannis Corporation, holding ancient artefacts with secrets to be guarded. When an underground delivery agent, Tayen Nishida, is hired for a job, it’s more risky than she anticipates.

But there’s more beneath the surface of this strong-willed girl thatmeets the eye. After being injured in a battle against a cybernetic security android, a man known as Hiten, rescues her, and heals her injuries – simultaneously, giving her untapped physiological abilities. It’s up to her to figure out the how and why. Hajime!

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