Deadpool V Gambit TP

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(W) Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (A) Danilo Beyruth, Kevin Wada

Gambit: one of the smoothest, best-looking operators in the world of the X-Men. Deadpool: one of the most annoying, ugliest dirtbags in the world of everything. But do you know what they have in common? A secret history of working together to pull con-jobs! That’s right – the grift is on as the Regeneratin’ Degenerate and the Ragin’ Cajun begrudgingly take on one last scam together. Swindling an object of mythical power out from under a Chinese businessman sounds easy, right? Spoiler: It doesn’t go according to plan. Can Wade and Remy talk their way out of this one? Or maybe fight their way out? Would you believe cook? Plus: Who or what is the Scrambler? The pen may be mightier than the sword – now find out whether the playing card is mightier than the katana! Collecting DEADPOOL V GAMBIT #1-5.


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