Doctor Strange and the Secret Defenders TP


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(W) Roy Thomas, Ron Marz (A) Andre Coates, Tom Grindberg (CA) Andre Coates
The Master of the Mystic Arts revives the original non-team – and this time, they’re more secret than ever! To save the world from the threats they’ll never know existed, Doctor Strange uses magical tarot cards to select the perfect team for every mission – and he’s stacked the deck with all the greatest and grittiest heroes of the nineties to draw from! Wolverine! Spider-Man! Captain America! Hulk! Scarlet Witch! Silver Surfer! Punisher! War Machine! Darkhawk! Sleepwalker! By the Vishanti, they’re all here – and plenty more besides – to face down macabre menaces both demonic and otherworldly. Evildoers like Roadkill, Dreadlox and Xandu wielding the Wand of Watoomb! It’s the Sorcerer Supreme and a handpicked gathering of heroes, defending the Earth – just don’t tell anybody! Collecting SECRET DEFENDERS #1-11.

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