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(W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A) Max Dunbar (CA) Ryan Brown
The best-selling video game series returns to comics! Discover the origins of General RAAM and how he became the most feared Locust on all Sera.

Featuring an Exclusive Gears of War® Rise of RAAM Mega Pack!
Includes ONE guaranteed character: Uzil Sraak or Vold Raam, plus weapon skins, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

FOR THE HORDE! Before he was a general leading the assault against humanity on the surface, RAAM was an upstart commander tasked with waging an unwinnable war against the Lambent to protect the Locust homeland. With the enemy pushing inexorably forward, he knows the Horde must turn its attention to more vulnerable prey, and he’ll use every atrocity and deception at his disposal to bring Queen Myrrah around to his way of thinking.

A prequel to the original Gears of War, written by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Rat Queens) with art by Max Dunbar (Dungeons & Dragons). See how it all began as the Queen’s deadliest servant steers the course of history to bring about Emergence Day and the attack on humans, setting in motion the events of the game!

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