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(W) James Clarke (A) Daniel Clarke, Daniel Snaddon
An African fantasy-adventure graphic novel inspired by the mythology of the Zambezi River and the history of the Kariba Dam, one of the largest dams ever constructed. Siku has always called the Zambezi River her home. But things are changing on the river-a great dam is being built-and things are changing in Siku, too, as her ability to manipulate water grows out of control, and visions of a great serpent pull her further from reality and her loving father, Tongai. When Tongai ventures to the Kariba Dam to find a cure for Siku and never returns, she sets off to find him with the help of Amedeo, the young son of Kariba’s chief engineer. With the future of the Shonga resting on her shoulders, Siku must journey to the source of the river to understand the ancient power hidden within her. The brothers Clarke are South African creators who collaborated to create this original graphic novel.

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