King Tiger / Barb Wire #1 Ashcan


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King Tiger
(W) Randy Stradley (A/CA) Doug Wheatley
Blood, death, and fire-the darkest kind of magic. A monstrous secret from King Tiger’s past has found the mystic warrior, but can Tiger’s skills and sorcery triumph against an unthinkable supernatural obscenity linked to his own destiny? If the Tiger falls, the Dragon will rise!

(W) Chris Warner (A) Pat Olliffe, Tom Nguyen (CA) Adam Hughes
Nail-hard tough and drop-dead gorgeous, Barb Wire is the baddest bounty hunter on the mean streets of Steel Harbor, where gangsters can lift bulldozers and leap rusting factories in a single bound. The hunting is stupid good and the bounties are hella big-if Barb lives long enough to collect!

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