Luke Cage, Iron Fist & The Heroes For Hire Vol. 1 TP

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(W/A) Various (CA) Pasqual Ferry

Luke Cage and Danny Rand reunite in team-ups with Spider-Man and…Sabretooth?! And they’re just in time to relaunch the expanded Heroes for Hire! A super-villain prison break inspires Iron Fist to fill the void left by the Avengers and Fantastic Four – but his ex-partner Luke will take some convincing. Hercules and White Tiger are eager recruits, but is Hulk a joiner? Maybe She-Hulk would be a better fit. A transformed Black Knight rides in, and the Master of the World twists Luke’s arm. But will he stay after Power Man battles Iron Fist? The team will face Deviants, Punisher and the Thunderbolts – there must be a little room left for Ant-Man to help out. Collecting SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED (1993) #13, MARVEL FANFARE (1996) #6 and HEROES FOR HIRE (1997) #1-9.


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