Mashima Heros Vol. 1 SC


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(W/A/CA) Hiro Mashima
A delightful gift to every Hiro Mashima fan! Discover HERO’S, the ultimate
crossover, the new manga that brings together wizards, warriors, and
spacefarers from every corner of the Hiro Mashima universe, including
characters from FAIRY TAIL, RAVE MASTER, and EDENS ZERO. This is
Mashima’s victory lap! Don’t miss it!
The Fairy Tail guild are enjoying a well-deserved rest on True Island, an island known
to contain the truth behind all the secrets of the world, when Natsu gets drawn into
the jungle by the smell of delicious fruit. There he encounters Shiki, a young boy
who’s after the same fruit! Will our heroes become friends or rivals? And how many
other classic characters will make an appaearance? Find out as all your old faves from
three manga classics come together for the first time in a brand-new adventure!

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