Minecraft Inspired Misadventures of Frigiel and Fluffy Vol. 5 HC


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(W) Jean-Christophe Derrien, Frigiel (A/CA) Minte
Continuing the exciting adventures of Frigiel & Fluffy, heroes to their millions of fans on YouTube! These new adventures, taken from the Minecraft universe, are co-written by Frigiel himself, and are sure to appeal to Minecraft fans of all ages.
Featuring Frigiel, the brave sorcerer’s apprentice, ever ready to give his all for his friends, who dreams of one day becoming a true adventurer. And his faithful canine companion Fluffy, as cuddly with his master as he is bitey with the bad guys!
Vol. 5 contains two more complete self-contained stories:
Frigiel and his friends, after exploring the Farlands, finally return home to rest. But Lanniel, their village, is totally devastated and there is no one left. What tragedy unfolded in their absence? Are they indirectly responsible for this situation? They will have to carry out an investigation to find the villagers before it is too late.
Soon after saving their village from the clutches of bandits, Frigiel and his friends go in search of their greatest enemy, Ernald’s brother, Landre. And the situation turns serious quickly when they find out he intends to bring back to their dimension a fallen god who could destroy everything in its path. Their voyage leads them to the desert, where they must explore a mysterious pyramid guarded by Endermen…

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