Minecraft : Wither Without You Vol. 1 SC


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(W/A/CA) Kristen Gudsnuk

The newest addition to the Dark Horse line of graphic novels set in the world of gaming phenomenon Minecraft!

Cahira and Orion are twin monster hunters under the tutelage of Senan the Thorough. After an intense battle with an enchanted wither, their mentor is eaten, and the twins are now alone! The two hunters go on a mission to get their mentor back, and meet an unlikely ally along the way!

Stumbling into her underground home, Cahira and Orion meet Atria-a girl cursed as a monster lure! The twins convince Atria to join their rescue mission to use her monster-attracting abilities to find the enchanted wither . . . and Atria wants to learn how to protect herself against the mobs of monsters coming for her!

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