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(W/A/CA) Adachitoka

Five yen for your wish to come true? Revisit the Far Shore in new edition of the beloved supernatural action series that collects all the stray volumes in 600-page 3-in-1 omnibuses, all in a larger size than the regular version! Includes Vol. 4-6 of Noragami: Stray God.

Though a powerful warrior goddess, Bishamonten suffers from taking on so many shinki. Among Bishamon’s many shinki, a terrible plan is formed by one of her most trusted aides. This shinki has dangerous ideas and gets involved with the mysterious Stray.

Kazuma has a sense that something is wrong, but can he figure out what exactly is going on? Meanwhile, Hiyori desperately wants Yato to fix her, but he is presented with a solution that is hard to accept. Will Yato fix Hiyori, even if it means he’d have to cut all ties with her?

This omnibus edition contains Noragami volumes 4-6.

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