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128 pg, FC.
Written by Kevin VanHook and Tony Bedard
Art by Fernando Pasarin, Julian Lopez, Claude St. Aubin, Bit & John Floyd

She was once Batgirl, but now Barbara Gordon has taken on the role of Oracle, the information liaison to the DC Universe’s Super Hero community. But after Oracle’s all-female super team known as the Birds of Prey falls apart, she heads out on her own to discover a new heroic path! Now back in Gotham City as a recluse, Barbara loses herself to her Oracle identity entirely. And when the evil Calculator seeks the remnants of the Anti-Life Equation to save the life of his daughter, Oracle will be caught in a deadly game of online war – and when the smoke clears, her new destiny presents itself!


Cover by Guillem March
Barbara Gordon discovers a new path in this collection featuring the 3-issue ORACLE miniseries plus BIRDS OF PREY #126-127.

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