Runaways (2017) Vol. 5 : Canon Fodder TP


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(W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Genolet, Andres, Kris Anka (CA) Kris Anka
Runaways no more! As the mysterious Doc Justice offers to shape our heroes into a super-group to protect Los Angeles, say hello to the J-Team! But who is the inspirational Doc Justice, anyway? How did he convince the least capes-and-tights-oriented kids in the Marvel Universe to suit up? And will everybody be on board with this major shift in the status quo? Don’t bet on it! As Doc Justice and his new recruits start cleaning up L.A. better than anyone expected, they’ll soon start to set their sights even higher! But where does that leave Gert? Back at the Doc’s mansion, of course. She’s not just going to sit there – with access to the J-Team’s files and resources, Gert is going to do her part! But where will this new role take her? Collecting RUNAWAYS (2017) #25-31.

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