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(W) Cliff Bleszinksi, Alex De Campi (A) Ryan Kelly & Various (CA) One Pixel Brush
Scrapper is a good dog, adopted by good people. Sure, he spends his nights patrolling his post-apocalyptic metropolis with his buddy Tank, protecting its citizens from the city’s totalitarian overlords, but everyone needs a hobby, right? When a catastrophe sends Scrapper’s world spiraling out of control, he will need to rally the city’s critters-strays and undesirables-to save both themselves and the humans all around them.
From the minds of games legend CLIFF BLESZINSKI ( Fortnite , Gears of War ) and bestselling writer ALEX DE CAMPI (DRACULA, MOTHERFKER!, PARASOCIAL) comes an action-packed six-issue miniseries meant for anyone who’s ever wanted to pet the dog in a video game. (Mom: don’t worry, none of the animals die.)
Collects SCRAPPER #1-6 in oversized hardcover.

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