Spider-Man : Miles Morales Vol. 1 TP


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(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Sara Pichelli
Miles Morales is hitting the big time! Not only is he joining the Marvel Universe, but he’s also a card-carrying Avenger, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America! And he’ll soon be a media sensation in this All-New, All-Different New York! One thing’s the same, though: non-stop action! Like when Earth’s Mightiest heroes all fall, and Miles stands alone against a villain with the power to destroy the universe. Or when the Black Cat tries to get her claws in this new Spider-Man. Or when a new mutant threatens to grab the spotlight! And don’t forget Miles’ toughest foe yet: his grandmother! But his grades might be the ultimate challenge – maybe a study session (date?) with Ms. Marvel would help? Welcome to the neighborhood, Spider-Man – hope it’s friendly! Collecting SPIDER-MAN (2016) #1-5.

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