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The world has changed. Advances in technology have made science akin to magic. The fall of the Western powers, the rise of the East, and the ascending power of African countries has changed the world map. What power had resided in those old governments’ hands has been taken over by the multi-nationals and corporate warfare is the norm. One thing that hasn’t changed: the rich get richer, the poor… well….

It’s been three weeks since the Masai princess Kari Segi turned Harry’s life upside down. He just wants to forget all about it. So when a scientist turns up at his door with stories of haunted mainframes, Harry’s curiosity is piqued. But we all know what they say about curiosity…

Written by Kerry Von Lillienfeld, with each issue showcasing the talents of a different artist, enter the future of 2039. The first issue features the art of Renan Shody and Brice Regnier.

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