Wolverines Vol. 3 : Living and the Dead TP


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(W)Charles Soule &  Ray Fawkes/(A)Various

Questions build as the battle inside Shogun begins to risk the lives of his teammates and friends! Lady Deathstrike is falling for him – but which side of his personality, Sharp or Ogun? Only Fang can help set Sharp straight – but will he? Meanwhile, Fantomelle and Culpepper have been fighting for a mysterious benefactor – but what happens when their sponsor gets more (and less!) than they paid for? And what does all of this mean for the Paradise Team and the Wolverines’ overall mission? Mystique has been planning something that involves the precise involvement of each fly caught in her manipulative web. But as the final pieces fall into place for her, she loses two essential pawns – and it might spell utter disaster! Meanwhile, Daken tracks the monster who stole his healing factor through the mountains of Japan. Collecting WOLVERINES #11-15.

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