X-Men : The Curse is Broken TP


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(W) Victor Gischler (A) Alejandro Barrionuevo & Various (CA) Jorge Molina
As Jubilee learns more about her new vampire heritage from Raizo Kodo and the Forgiven, the X-Men fight to rescue Jubilee from the hands of her bloodsucking brethren! But when the Marvel Universe’s deadliest assassins arrive, hired to kill every member of the Forgiven, the three-way battle quickly spirals out of control! Guest-starring Lady Bullseye, the Assassin’s Guild and Lord Deathstrike! Plus: A squad of lost Skrulls infiltrates the X-Men, and Pixie is taken hostage – or did she go by choice? Collecting X-MEN (2010) #24-29.

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