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(W) Joshua Hale, Various (A) Nuno Plati, Various (CA) Various
The X-Verse is populated by many powerful women, and these adventures star some of the most amazing of all! Marvel Girl’s strange psychic powers manifested after a childhood tragedy – now she must learn to master her abilities before they destroy her! From pickpocketing street urchin to revered goddess to mutant hero, witness the incredible life story of Storm! Kitty Pryde is all alone in the X-mansion at Christmas – well, alone except for a terrifying N’Garai demon! And when Storm and Marvel Girl hit the town with some new friends, why do they end up battling S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as Public Enemy No. One?! Plus: action-packed adventures featuring Rogue, Mystique, Danielle Moonstar and Wolfsbane! Collecting MARVEL GIRL #1, UNCANNY ORIGINS #9, UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #143, UNCANNY X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #4, and material from WOMEN OF MARVEL (2021) #1 and MARVEL’S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES.

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