Subscription orders can be placed for any number of ongoing monthly comic book series available from our distributors. This means comics are reserved for you on an ongoing basis and once a month we will email you with the total due for that month plus the shipping cost (see “shipping” for details). Once you have mailed a payment notification and funds have cleared your order will ship same or next business day.
Once you have completed the subscription order form below we will get back to you with more details. Comics that we receive shelf copies of, you will be able to start immediately with the current issue. Where we do not receive shelf copies, those subscriptions will begin in approximately two months time, usually with the issue listed in the latest Previews catalogue. Please note, subscriptions only apply to ongoing monthly series, and excludes one-shots, specials, annuals, or limited series. These you may order upon request.


Subscription order deposit

A deposit is required for orders since we are committed to an advance ordering system from the distributors. This is a once-off payment, which remains with us for the duration of your subscription, and is refundable upon cancellation. The deposit is based on the number of titles you wish to subscribe to, and is required as follows:

  • 1-3 titles R100
  • 4-6 titles R200
  • 7-10 titles R300
  • 11-15 titles R400
  • 16-20 titles R500
  • 21-25 titles R600

You may add or cancel an ongoing title/s by notifying us, and your subscription deposit will be adjusted accordingly.



If and when you cancel your subscription, you are still obligated to pay for those comics that have already been ordered for you, which will usually not exceed two months. Once you notify us to cancel, we will mail you with the final issue numbers that you will still need to purchase. When your last issues arrive we will mail you with the final balance due, deducting your subscription deposit from the total.
Please note, should you fail to pay for your monthly order twice in succession, we will contact you with a final reminder to make the necessary payment/s. If we do not receive a response, then after seven days your subscription will automatically be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.

Order Subscriptions

Fill out the form below to subscribe to any number of ongoing monthly comic book series available from our distributors, and we will get back to you with more info.

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