Online Shopping

Are all prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes, all listed products already include the VAT percentage.

How secure is your website?

Payment is handled via a secure independent third party paygate ( Payfast ), and we also have an SSL certificate, hence there are no security issues.

Do you accept international orders?

Unfortunately we do not accept international orders. We are based in South Africa and only ship within SA.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept debit, credit card as well as Instant EFT payments via the Payfast paygate.

We also accept Internet banking / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments

If you pay via a cash deposit at any Standard Bank branch please add R50 to your total order to cover bank charges.

How does your shipping process work?

Please see our shipping page for more details and information.

Product Status

How will I know exactly when a new shipment has arrived?

You can sign up for our email newsletter on the homepage which is mailed out the moment a new shipment is in stock. This newsletter will highlight some of the new products which have arrived and will inform you of any comic related events, sales or specials, or any news of note happening in the industry. At the time the newsletter is mailed out, our website will also be updated with all new releases that have arrived.

How often do you receive new shipments?

We receive new shipments of comics, graphic novels, manga and novelties twice a month. This means shipments generally arrive every two weeks, and because there are months with five weeks, we occasionally receive shipments with three week intervals.

What does the status "notify me" mean?

This means an item is temporarily out of stock and we have placed an order for it with our suppliers. In most cases it will be out of stock for no longer than six weeks. By clicking on the “notify me” button you will receive an automated email once the product is back in stock, advising you that the requested item is now available to order.

Are all products listed on your website available to order?

Yes, all products with the status “add to cart” are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Product Ordering

How do I order from your website?

Once you have completed shopping proceed to checkout where you select payment and shipping options. After submitting the order you will receive an automated response acknowledging and confirming your order. The moment funds clear your order will ship within 1 business day.

How securely are orders packaged?

All orders are very securely packaged. Comics, graphic novels, manga and books are all individually polybagged. Vintage and selected comics are also individually boarded. All printed matter orders are sandwiched between boards, bubble-wrapped, sandwiched between another set of boards, and then slipped into its final envelope/box. Action figures, statues and novelties are cushioned between foam pellets and/or paper and then fitted into an oversized box. We have NEVER had a complaint about our packaging since we first started mail orders back in 1992!

What is the Previews catalogue?

Previews is a monthly catalogue published by our main US supplier, Diamond Comics Distributors. Every month it lists all new merchandise – comics, graphic novels, manga, action figures, posters, and a host of other pop culture products – that are due for release in 2-4 months time. The latest Previews catalogue can be purchased from us, viewed online in a text only version, or browsed through at either of our two stores.

Can I order ANY product I see in the Previews catalogue?

In most cases, yes, however there are some products (particularly action figures and statues) that are only for sale in North America due to international licensing restrictions. These products we will not be able to order for you.

Do you stock any anime DVDs?

No, due to widespread legal and illegal downloading, as well as complications from the SA Film and Publications Board with regards to importing and clearing, we do not stock anime DVDs.

Do you stock any T-Shirts?

No, due to excessive import duties and delays caused by SA Customs with shipments that contain clothing, we generally do not stock T-Shirts.

Do you keep all products listed on your site in stock permanently?

Many graphic novels and manga are kept in stock once its been released. There may be a window of not longer than six weeks when an item is on re-order (the “notify me” button will display) and we wait on more copies to arrive. Always check our website to see if an item on re-order is back in stock (the “add to cart” button will display). Only once an item goes out of print will we be unable to stock it. Unfortunately, most action figures, statues, and novelties are only produced once by the manufacturers, and once our initial supply is sold out, we are unable to stock it again. There are exceptions – always check with us for any product you would like!

Can any product be special ordered?

No, only products that are in print and available from our distributors can be ordered. Generally, most graphic novels and manga are available to order, while most action figures and novelties we are not able to re-order. Comic books are also not orderable, unless they are only a few months old and from the mainstream publishers such as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image. Once an enquiry is made, we will inform you as to whether we are able to order a particular item.

Can I order a product that is not listed on your website?

Yes, you can place a special order for it. Simply email your request and we will get back to you with a quote if available. A 50% deposit will be required on all special orders. Once the item arrives, the remaining balance becomes payable. The moment a deposit is made we will immediately place an order for it with our suppliers and contact you as soon as the item arrives. Special orders take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Can I place a subscription for new comics?

Yes, you can open a subscription for any ongoing monthly series/title by paying a small deposit, based on the number of titles you wish to follow. Please see subscriptions in the top menu bar for more details about our subscriptions programme.


How do I know what the condition is of the select and vintage comics?

We use the Overstreet Price Guide grading system to describe the condition or state of preservation of all back issue comics listed on this website. Overstreet is the most respected authority on rare and vintage comics and is used by reputable dealers of collectable comics all over the world. Overstreet uses the traditional descriptive system as well as the 10 point grading system. Please CLICK HERE for an explanation of grading terms and definitions. The cover images of all back issue comics listed in the “select” and “vintage” comics categories are actual cover scans.

What is the difference between the Select and Vintage comics?

“Select” comics refers to all modern comics (1980-current) listed, such as signed comics, variant editions, limited editions, key issues, or otherwise collectable comics. “Vintage” comics refers to all pre-1980 comics listed: Golden Age (1935-1955), Silver Age (1956-1969) and Bronze Age (1970-1979).

What do the abbreviations accompanying the product descriptions mean?

The following abbreviations accompany the product title to more accurately indicate the format of graphic novels and manga:
TP – trade paperback, standard softcover that is the most common format for graphic novels, typically measuring 7×10 inches.
HC – hardcover, usually standard size, but may be slightly smaller or larger.
SC – softcover, slightly smaller than standard size or digest size, as is the case with most manga.
(O) – “oversized”, this abbreviation indicates a larger format, including coffee table size.
PF – prestige format, perfect bound graphic novella.

The following abbreviations are also used:
FC – full colour
PC – partial colour
BW – black & white

Are all action figures new/mint and are they packaged in their original boxes?

Yes, all figures and statues are new and in their sealed boxes – mint on card(moc) or mint in box (mib) as received from the suppliers. Most packages will qualify as a C8 grade (80% mint).