Four Sisters Vol. 1 : Enid (O)SC


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(W) Cati Baur (A/CA) Malika Ferdjoukh
Bereaved by the death of their parents, five sisters live in a seaside villa full of nooks and mystery-growing up together, sharing their grief, experiences, and love. The oldest becomes the head of the family. Book One is narrated by the youngest sister, Enid. A free spirit, she enjoys wandering alone and talking to animals and anything she meets. Her best friend Gulliver is, like her, offbeat and creative. When Enid begins hearing ghost-like screams, the two friends embark on a scary adventure. These sisters are not perfect, and they may not always get along, but in times of need, they can always count on one another. 
•  Each of the four books in the series is narrated by a different one of the younger sisters! 
•  Nominated for the Best Children’s Graphic Novel Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

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