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Marc Dey and Anthony Hodge (w/a)

The End in Nigh…

Ten million human years have past since the fall of the Morningstar, and the Battle for Souls began. Watchers, from the heavens and the depths, have reported the beginnings of an epidemic festering in humanity, eating away at their souls. If it continues and the souls are consumed by oblivion, not only will earth be destroyed, but both Heaven and Hell will be lost to the Great Nothing.

Gaia, Mother of Heaven, and Lucifer, Queen of Daemons, form a tenuous alliance, reuniting the seven Archangels, sending them down to earth to possess seven humans.

Joel and Luke’s lives just got complicated.

On Friday they are just two ordinary students, dividing their time between schoolwork, girls and just generally slacking off. On Monday they wake up and everything is different.

An Angel has possessed Joel, while Luke is taken over by a Daemon. Now equipped with supernatural powers, the two must embark on an adventure to find the other chosen vessels, uncover the cause of the epidemic, and ultimately save the universe.


Originally sold / launched at FCBD 2012 !

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